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LA Sanitation and Environment Director and General Manager Enrique C. Zaldivar Wins Prestigious SWANA Award

[LOS ANGELES, July 24, 2020] - Enrique C. Zaldivar, Director and General Manager of LA Sanitation and Environment (LASAN), has been awarded the Robert L. Lawrence Distinguished Service Award. This award from the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) honors distinguished service to the Municipal Solid Waste Management field. Determination of the award is based on the nominee’s service and activity beyond normal responsibilities to the employer and to the general public. Not granted every year, this award represents the highest accolade the solid waste field can bestow. 

With this award, Mr. Zaldivar is recognized for his accomplishments through  innovative public-private partnerships and commitments to Zero Emissions, Zero Waste and the environment. Through his leadership, LASAN oversees the City’s Clean Water program, the Solid Resources program, and the Watershed Protection program.

"I thank SWANA and its member agencies for this very prestigious recognition and thank my entire staff at LASAN for making me worthy of the award," said Mr. Zaldivar.

Director and General Manager Zaldivar has been at the helm of LASAN for over 12 years. LASAN’s achievements in solid waste under Mr. Zaldivar’s direction include the recently implemented recycLA program with the adoption of the Solid Waste Private Hauler Exclusive Franchise Initiative. Under the leadership of Mayor Garcetti and Council President Nury Martinez, Zaldivar has also led the City's Zero Waste Initiative, anchored on resource conservation and recovery strategies with the ultimate goal to eliminate landfilling by 2050. He has endeavored to develop reliable and sustainable markets for recycled commodities within North America (USA - Mexico - Canada), working in full integration with the logistics of trade within one of the world's largest trading blocs - right here in North America with no reliance on overseas markets.

Another new initiative under Mr. Zaldivar's direction includes a commitment to electrification of the refuse collection truck fleet to move toward Zero Emission goals.

"We are pleased to be able to honor your leadership and stewardship with this award," said Brenda Haney and Michael Brinchek of SWANA.

SWANA is developing a virtual alternative to the typical awards ceremony held at WASTECON. The award and Mr. Zaldivar's accomplishments will be recognized at a virtual event at a future date to be announced.

About LA Sanitation and Environment

As the lead agency for the City’s environmental programs and initiatives, Sanitation protects public health and the environment through the administration and management of three program areas: Clean Water (Wastewater), Solid Resources (Solid Waste Management) and Watershed Protection (Stormwater). These infrastructure programs collect, treat, dispose and recycle the solid and liquid waste generated by the nation’s second largest city of more than four million residents. Through these essential Public Works programs, Sanitation delivers a triple bottom line of economic, environmental and social benefits that sustain quality of life in Los Angeles.

Media Contact

Vanessa Bulkacz, Public Works Public Affairs Office

(213) 278-2102 Cell | vanessa.bulkacz@lacity.org

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