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Insights and Scenes from Day Two at IFAT

Some key highlights from the second day of IFAT in Germany.

The National Waste & Recycling Association’s (NWRA) Future Industry Leaders Alliance (FILA) members who are in Munich, Germany, for their Leadership Summit to meet with the group’s German counterpart, the BDE Junior Association, spent the last day of the trip touring the IFAT 2018 show floor and meeting with the Leadership Summit hosts and sponsors—BDE, SSI Schaefer, Lobbe, Steinert, REMONDIS, Faun and Volvo.

When the FILA group arrived at the BDE booth, there was a live panel that shared ideas on possible solutions for a closed loop system with recycling aluminum. Gustav Edelhoff, BDE Junior Association president, translated the discussion for the group. He said that aluminum is a simple resource and can be recycled and reused multiple times.

The FILA group then went to visit the Lobbe booth, where they met Adrian Bernard, CEO of the industrial services sector. Earlier in the trip, the FILA group had visited one of Lobbe’s packaging and plastic recycling centers in Iserlohn.

From Lobbe, they went to look at the REMONDIS booth. The FILA group was given a special site tour of Lippe Werk by Dr. Michael Rose, director for REMONDIS Dusseldorp Rioolservice (Sewer Service), on Saturday before heading to Munich.

Booth visits were also made to Steinert, SSI Schaefer, Volvo and Faun. While the group was in Iserlohn earlier in the trip, representatives from Steinert, SSI Schaefer and Faun had given informational presentations and demos on products and services they were showcasing at IFAT.

The FILA trip concluded with a dinner hosted by Faun and Volvo in City Center, Munich.

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