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Infographic—The EREF Impact: 25 Years of Solid Waste Research and Education

Infographic—The EREF Impact: 25 Years of Solid Waste Research and Education
This infographic highlights key milestones from the Environmental Research & Education Foundation's 25 years.

In the early '90s, waste industry executives gathered to discuss the formation of a new organization—one centered on funding and conducting data-driven, empirical science. This science would serve as the foundation for solid waste management and policy and for informing and directing the industry, federal and state agencies, academics and the public.

In 2019, that organization, the Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF), celebrates 25 years of advancing the solid waste industry through research and education. Throughout those 25 years, EREF has funded valuable research with the goal of improving waste management practices and informing policymakers, making EREF one of the largest sources of solid waste funding in North America.

As EREF has expanded its mission, it has developed a greater focus on students, initiating its Scholarship, Internship in Excellence and MSW eTextbook programs with the intent of inspiring new generations of solid waste professionals who will go on to use or add to EREF’s research.

Over the last 25 years, the foundation has seen a tremendous amount of growth, added new programs and increased funding and awards for solid waste research and scholarships. This progress is a result of industry generosity, without which EREF could not exist.

On October 15 and 16, EREF will celebrate industry generosity and look back at the strides it has made in solid waste research and education. Industry executives, Richard Burke, CEO of Advanced Disposal Services; Jon Vander Ark, president of Republic Services; Worthing Jackman, president and CEO of Waste Connections; and John Morris, chief operating officer of Waste Management, will speak on their visions for the future of the industry and the value of supporting organizations like EREF and other charities. Registration will close on October 8 at 5 p.m. ET. More information on EREF is available at erefdn.org.

In preparation for this event, below are key milestones from EREF’s 25 years.

 25 Years of Solid Waste Research and Education

Infographic was created by Waste360.

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