Florida’s Miami-Dade County Adds 29 Hybrid Waste Trucks

Florida’s Miami-Dade County Adds 29 Hybrid Waste Trucks

Miami-Dade County is adding 29 hybrid waste trucks to its fleet.

The Florida county will now operate 64 hybrid waste trucks with this purchase, which uses Cleveland-based Parker Hannifin Corp.’s RunWise Advanced Series Hybrid Drive System in the Highland Park, Ill.-based Autocar E3 hybrid refuse truck. It is the county’s third purchase of the trucks, according to a Parker Hannifin news release.

The RunWise-equipped waste trucks capture more than 71 percent of a vehicle’s otherwise-lost braking energy, which can save up to 4,300 gallons of fuel per year per truck, Parker Hannifin said. The system can reduce fuel consumption by up to 50 percent.

Waste companies also can rent the Autocar E3 truck with RunWise technology through Big Truck Rental.


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