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Dude Solutions’ FacilityDude Mobile311 Platform Helps Reduce Recycling Contamination in N.C.

The City of Greensboro, N.C., is working on fixing its recycling contamination problem. A recent audit by ReCommunity, the city’s recycling partner, found that the city’s single field inspector was only able to inspect 5 percent of the city’s 80,000 households’ recycling, which just so happened to have a contamination rate of 20 percent.

To put an end to this problem, ReCommunity and the city have decided to try out a cloud-based system called Mobile311 from Dude Solutions’ FacilityDude, which allows drivers to report contaminated trucks and create data points and work orders.

Government Product News has more information:

In 2015, recycling contamination issues reached a tipping point in Greensboro, N.C. The city is home to one of the country’s first single-stream automated recycling programs. In fact, an audit by ReCommunity, the city’s long-time recycling partner, found that Greensboro’s single field inspector was only able to inspect 5 percent of all 80,000 households’ recycling. The residential contamination rate was 20 percent — double the industry average.

To help combat contamination issues at the source, ReCommunity proposed implementing a mobile work order solution called Mobile311 from Dude Solutions’ FacilityDude.

Mobile311 uses GPS technology with client-specific GIS data, including local addresses, routes, neighborhoods, etc., and a customizable app interface to collect field data. The city outfitted each of its eight recycling trucks with a tablet loaded with the customized Mobile311 app.

Recycling truck operators consistently look at the on-board hopper camera while emptying containers, as it is the easiest way to ensure cleanliness, safety and fully emptied containers.

Read the full story here.

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