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Autocar Releases First Refuse Truck Model in 31 Years


In May 2019, Autocar announced the release of its DC-64R — a completely reinvented truck for severe-duty refuse applications — marking the company’s first new conventional truck for the brand in 31 years. Today, waste haulers and municipalities across the U.S. are experiencing firsthand how switching to a custom-built DC-64R is saving them time and money across the board.

Autocar turns the traditional OEM/dealership model on its head. Most vocational truck manufacturers sell stock, mass-produced trucks through a dealership, and then compromise the original design in order to customize it for the very specific needs of vocational customers. Autocar, in stark contrast, produces ONLY custom-built, severe-duty vocational trucks, made to order and assembled with pre-engineered, OEM parts that were designed to work together seamlessly.

“A custom-built DC-64R is designed specifically for the customer to individually integrate with the refuse body of preference,” said Tim Thornton, vice president of strategy and commercialization at Autocar. “Through our Power of One integration, each truck is built as one complete tool — not only at the engineering stage but extending to the installation of body components as well. This unique process offsets numerous issues typically encountered with mass-produced vehicles, enhancing uptime and ROI for waste haulers.”

The Autocar DC-64R is built to be the best severe-duty conventional truck, and is the direct result of the requests, insights, data, and guidance that Autocar sought out from waste haulers across the industry. It features the toughest cab on the market (shaker tested for 770 hours), best in class, 325-degree, driver visibility (30% more viewable glass than competitors), and features a 50-degree wheel cut, providing a tighter turning radius.

It is the first truck ever built to feature ultra-high-strength 160,000 PSI steel frame rails, 24% stronger and lighter than the rails on other trucks on the market, completely eliminating the need for frame liners in nearly all refuse applications. The primary benefit for the waste hauler is a significant weight savings that directly increases effective payload – and therefore, profitability.

Downtime is costly, which is why the DC-64R comes standard with a 7-inch Smart Display. Built-in diagnostics help technicians get a truck back on the job faster by providing electrical diagnostics reports, access to service intervals, bodybuilder and operator manuals, and access to 3D schematics, all with one touch of the display.

Autocar debuted its first work truck in 1897 — “Autocar No. 1,” a tricycle powered by a one-cylinder gasoline engine. Today, the company that invented the American work truck once again leads the industry with a fresh new look, an innovative new product line and a renewed focus as it moves farther into its second century of production. As Autocar’s fourth line, the new DC-64R, joins the ACX® and ACMD® cabover trucks.

  • The Autocar ACX cabover engine model offers 4X2, 6X4 and 8X4 format options. This severe-duty truck delivers the strongest cab available for more reliability and longer life. The extra-thick front panel reduces damage from the toughest work conditions and is built with stiffer-than-aluminum materials to extend the productive life of the truck.
  • The Autocar ACMD packs Autocar toughness into a Class 7/Class 8 package that’s perfect for a wide range of vocational applications — big enough to comfortably fit a three-man crew, but sized perfectly for maneuvering through narrow alleys, tight parking lots and busy streets.

To learn more about any additional heavy-duty construction trucks from Autocar, as well as the history of Autocar in the industry, visit www.AutocarTruck.com.


At Autocar, building trucks and designing the best tools in the industry isn’t just what we do — it’s our way of life. It’s what gets us up in the morning, and it’s what keeps us rolling day-in and day-out. It would be easy to talk about introducing the world’s first truck or say a lot of fancy things about our research and technology. We could talk extensively about our experience and the value we provide. And we could tell you about our customer service and the team standing behind you … but we would rather just show you. You see, we are not just an OEM, we are your work partners — and together, we have a job to do. We want to make sure you are the most successful, profitable and efficient business you can be. And we won’t rest until that job is done.

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