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Saint Paul Brewing Teams with Footprint Earth to Create Arbeer

Saint Paul Brewing Teams with Footprint Earth to Create Arbeer

Arbeer, which is a play on the word arbor and beer, will make its debut in April.

Footprint Earth Foundation and Saint Paul Brewing (formerly Flat Earth Brewing) have joined forces to create a new craft beer brand named Arbeer, which is a play on the word arbor and beer. A portion of the proceeds from Arbeer will support Footprint Earth's mission to help and educate local communities to be better stewards of Earth.

"We are excited about this opportunity. This is another perfect marriage. Footprint Earth Foundation's mission to 'plant the seeds of commonsense sustainability' matches well with Saint Paul Brewing's focus on clean water and community outreach,” said Kevin Johnson, president of Footprint Earth Foundation, in a statement.

Saint Paul Brewing will unveil the first Arbeer brew in April with the introduction of a red ale. Travis Van Dell, chief marketing officer of Footprint Earth describes the brew as "... a red ale with a low IBU, excellent drinkability and an earthy finish. It is a beer that will appeal to many from a flavor standpoint in addition to its focus in supporting local sustainability efforts with Footprint Earth Foundation."

Arbeer will be introduced at a tapping event at Saint Paul Brewing on Tuesday, April 2 at 4:00 p.m. CT.  In addition, the brew will be available at local bars and restaurants the first week of April to kick off Earth Month.  A special day at the brewery on Thursday, April 25 called Arbeer Day will celebrate the beer and its impact on local sustainability efforts. The public is invited and encouraged to join the celebrations.

"This is another exciting chapter in the life of this brewery and this community. This building has stood for almost 160 years, brewing beer for Hamms and Strohs. We are bringing it back to the way it was, a pillar of the community. It just feels right to partner with Footprint Earth,” said John Warner, owner of Saint Paul Brewing, in a statement. “This partnership will help us focus together on improving the environment for our community ... and challenging us to create the purest product we can." 

The goals of this partnership are to help fund the following project initiatives:

  • LEDs for Hope. A program to help low-income families replace incandescent and CFL light bulbs to reduce their environmental impact as well as reduce electricity cost.
  • Local community projects such as park and watershed cleanups and urban reforestation.
  • K-12 Nature-based Education. Continues to create project-based learning curricula where students are challenged to analyze data and to make educated decisions on sustainability initiatives for their school.
  • School facility enhancements. Sustainable classroom and campus strategies including building upgrades to maximize energy efficiency and water efficiency, strategies to achieve zero or minimum waste, sustainable food solutions and thoughtful materials purchasing.
  • Help schools such as River Grove Elementary in Marine on St. Croix (est. $3 million project) become fully carbon neutral within seven years, which will be attained through a combination of energy reduction projects, energy independence and carbon offset projects.
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