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LRS Shifts Organizational Structure to Regional Focus


ROSEMONT, Ill. -- LRS, one of the nation's leading independent waste, recycling and portable services providers, today announced it has restructured to better align for future growth reinforcing its unwavering commitment to customers and employees. This next phase enables a more sustainable business model supporting future expansion, unlocking growth opportunities and accelerating regional traction.

As part of the move, LRS will be organized into three new created, autonomous regions including LRS Great Lakes, LRS Central and LRS South, each with dedicated, localized management across operations, business development, finance and safety. This change will allow for greater access to leadership, heightened cross-functional collaboration and improve communication across regions and throughout the company.

"As the trend of accelerated growth continues, our leadership team saw the need to evolve and redefine our organizational structure. The regional model provides a strong foundation from which we can accelerate growth within our current and future markets," said Alan T. Handley, LRS President and Chief Executive Officer.

"By modernizing our approach, we will provide a more efficient way to manage our daily operations, as well as provide an even stronger and more valuable customer experience to our communities," adds Handley.

The restructuring serves not only to elevate the LRS brand, but to also promote key leaders from within the organization. Details on these promotions, both at the regional and corporate level, are included below.

Regional Promotions

  • John Sliwicki: EVP, Central Region
    John has been a key member of the LRS family for seven years. He has over 20 years of experience managing safety and risk before moving to operations four years ago. At LRS, John has been the VP of Risk Management and Safety, the VP of MRF Operations and most recently the SVP of Post Collections Operations. John is the true definition of a leader and is a go-getter willing to take on any challenge that arises. In his new role, he is most looking forward to elevating LRS' focus on safety and people development as well as achieving the highest level of customer experience.
  • Brian Grosse: EVP, Great Lakes Region
    Nearly 10 years ago, Brian started a portable restroom business out of his garage which was acquired by LRS in June 2018. Since then, Brian has served as both the VP and SVP of LRS Portables. Brian's passion, knowledge and leadership has truly been a key part of LRS' success over the past few years. Brian is interested in seeing the evolution and growth that will come from the new regional structure and said, "The future of LRS has never looked so bright and I'm proud to be a part of it."
  • Rusty Janssen: EVP, South Region
    Rusty was the CFO at Ramco Waste and Recycling and was the SVP of LRS South after the Ramco acquisition in October 2021. He is "excited to see LRS moving to a more scalable regional structure to better accommodate our current and planned growth." In his new role, Rusty plans on growing LRS South organically and through more acquisition, exceeding budgeted revenue and EBITDA, fully integrating all the South Region's operations as well as improving the region's post collections infrastructure.
  • Matt Marquis: SVP, Great Lakes Region
    Matt has been in the waste and recycling industry for over 25 years and started off as a driver. He has industry experience in operations, sales, finance, maintenance, MRFs and landfills. In his new position, he is looking forward to seeing LRS' evolution under the new regional structure, as well as improving processes and systems to help continue to make LRS an industry disruptor.
  • John McGee: VP, Central Regional Operations
    John has been a General Manager for nearly two years and has 33 years of experience in the waste industry. He is eager to work with the Central Region to build a safety culture and customer experience that is "second to none." John is "honored and excited to work with the men and women at LRS and continue to drive our mission as we move into the future."
  • Nicole Nicholls: VP, Central Regional Sales
    Nicole started in the industry 18 years ago, right out of college, and has been an influential leader at LRS as the Director of Business Development. She has experience in outside, inside and municipal sales. She is now the chairperson for Women In Sustainability and Environment (W.I.S.E) and cannot wait for this to be extended throughout LRS. Her goals in her new role include working with her regional team to improve safety compliance, customer experience, employee engagement and profitable growth.
  • Scott Crawford: Director, Great Lakes Regional Maintenance
    Scott has been with LRS for over four years and started as a Mechanic. Since then, he has been a Shop Manager, Fleet Manager and is now the Director of Regional Maintenance for the Great Lakes Region. He is looking forward to working with all the states in his region to build and execute a proficient layout for the maintenance departments including safety, work culture, retention, vendor relations, equipment and spend.

Corporate Promotions

  • Janet Haas: SVP, Human Resources
    Janet has been a prominent leader at LRS and has made a huge impact on how the Human Resources team operates within the company. She is always willing to assist as needed and her passion for supporting others in their professional journey is seen through her work and dedication to all LRS employees. Her goals in her new role includes further building processes and consistency to HR functions along with providing more training opportunities across LRS.
  • George Strom: SVP, Safety
    George started in the waste industry in eighth grade working on the back of a garbage truck at Roy Strom, which was started by his family in 1944. He joined the LRS team two years ago from the Roy Strom acquisition and has been an integral part of the LRS family by always helping when needed. George has been the VP of Operations, Interim VP of People Development and the VP of Municipal Services. His goal in his new role is to reduce our incidents by 20% this year and to develop a standardized safety training program throughout LRS.
  • Ron Harris: SVP, Integrations
    Ron has truly embodied LRS' entrepreneurial spirit by driving the integration efforts of all recent acquisitions as the VP of Strategic Integration. He is most looking forward to "continuing to support LRS' rapid growth and driving process efficiency with the talented team of individuals we have assembled to lead LRS' M&A Integration." His goals as the new SVP of Integrations includes supporting LRS' growth through improved integration processes and engaging collaboratively with key teammates across the organization.
  • Rick Bulthius: VP, Business Development
    Rick has over 35 years of industry experience at both private and public companies. His industry knowledge and expertise has been very valuable to the M&A and Business Development teams at LRS. In his new role, he will work with companies who strategically align with LRS' acquisition growth goals and values.
  • Rich Rabs: VP, Risk Management and Safety
    Rich is an influential team member especially when it comes to LRS' safety culture. He has been with LRS for nearly two years and has 40 years of experience in risk management and safety. Rich brings a fresh approach to LRS' safety culture and looks forward to continuing to support the protection of our employees and assets while rebuilding the safety and risk culture at LRS. In his new role, he will continue to develop a culture that minimizes risk through contracts, procedures, compliance and best practices.
  • Aneisha Thurman: Senior Director, Human Resources
    Aneisha leads by example in everything she does and has made many positive changes at LRS as an HR Director. She is a Detroit native and has previous experience as an Area HR Manager within the waste industry. Aneisha is also a HR Professor at Madonna University and a PhD student expected to graduate in 2024. Some of her main objectives in her new role will be to help decrease LRS' turnover rate and increase retention as well as provide leadership development programs and executive coaching.

"I have the utmost confidence in these leaders and look forward to seeing all they accomplish in their new roles," said Handley. "The restructure of the LRS organization and the promotion of these incredible men and women mark a monumental start of the year for our team."

About LRS

LRS is North America's fifth largest privately-held waste and recycling company. Since 2013, LRS has specialized in providing comprehensive, fully integrated waste diversion and recycling services for millions of residential and commercial customers across nine states: Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Kansas, Arkansas and Tennessee. Diversified and growing exponentially, LRS also offers affordable roll-off container services, C&D recycling, portable restroom rentals, municipal and commercial street sweeping, mulch distribution, on-site storage and temporary fencing.

LRS owns and operates 88 facilities, safely deploys a fleet of fuel-efficient trucks and thrives on the passion of 2,700 full-time employees. The company processes more than 3.8 million tons of waste each year, providing safe, innovative, sustainability-driven services to clean and beautify the cities, neighborhoods and communities it serves. To learn more, visit www.LRSrecycles.com.


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