The Heap

Why Hiding in the Trash Can Never Works, Example No. 237

A bank robber in Buffalo, N.Y., was foiled after police located her hiding in a garbage tote by using a GPS tracking device hidden within the $2,500 in cash she had stolen from a Bank of America branch. It was the first time the device had been successfully deployed in the city, and the Buffalo Police Department and bank officials were understandably coy about detailing precisely what the tracking device looks like or how it works, lest they clue in the next guy as to what he should look for in the bag while making his getaway. But it’s clear they are pleased with the results.

Still, it had to be annoying to hear “RECALCULATING” every time the perp moved to a new hiding place.

Source: The Buffalo News, submitted by Jeff Goldblatt, Rochester, N.Y.