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Waste Management: Don't Print Those March Madness Brackets!

Beginning tomorrow, the productivity of the nation's workforce is set to take a colossal plunge as the NCAA Basketball Tournament gets underway. Those hoop fans who don't take the day off to watch the games will no doubt pass the afternoon by sitting in their cubicles and watching the games online, or by endlessly hitting the "refresh" button on online boxscores.

But while workers may waste lots of times in the upcoming days, Waste Management of Michigan is urging them not to waste paper by printing out their brackets.

From a company announcement:

"Here are some simple ideas that help fans reduce waste and be green:

• The easiest way is to avoid printing your brackets in the first place. Many websites now offer interactive options to pick your teams without ever having to print (among them, CBS Sports, ESPN, the New York Times, and Yahoo). In addition, you can often save "printable" brackets onto your desktop and then track your favorite teams electronically.

• If you must print your brackets, make sure it's on recycled paper. Use the reverse side of a proposal, term paper or calendar and print your bracket on that. Print only in black ink to be greener. Once the tournament is over or your bracket is busted, recycle it."

In other news, the President Obama is picking Kansas to win the national championship. I say Ohio State. What's your pick?

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