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The Heap

Trash Truck Truants

Kids in the town of Taree in New South Wales, Australia, are bored. Really bored. So bored, that the idea of hanging from the back of a moving garbage truck not only seems like a good idea, but the height of entertainment.

A group of five grade school and high school-age children were photographed dangling precariously from bars on the rear of an automated side-loader operated by waste contractor JR Richards and Sons. The resident who took the photo says the children hitch a ride on the truck every week as it makes its Thursday rounds. Ironically, the contractor says the bars were installed for safety reasons, to keep following vehicles at a safe distance. The contractor and city officials say they are taking steps to discourage the hazardous hitching fad, hopefully before the kids get the bright idea to use the collection arm as a bucket ride.

Source: Manning River Times