The Heap

A Solid Waste Department By Any Other Name

Apparently someone's been watching too much "Parks & Recreation" -- or not enough. In an ill-advised bid to engage its citizens in civic affairs, the city of Austin, Texas, has asked the public to suggest a new name for its Solid Waste Services Department. According to NPR, the runaway favorite so far is "The Fred Durst Society of the Humanities and Arts." Fred Durst, for those with more discriminating musical tastes, is the oft-maligned lead singer of the rap-influenced rock band Limp Bizkit, which had its heyday in the early 2000s. It's reasonable to assume that many of the nominee's more than 25,000 votes came from outside Austin.

So Limp Bizkit is synonymous with solid waste. Very droll, and no disagreement here. But based on this and the other proposed names cracking the top 25, I suspect that some Austinites (and NPR) could use a clarification explaining that "solid waste" is trash and recycling, not the stuff they flush down their toilets.

Polls remain open through Feb. 10.