The Heap

Script Scrap

So often are valuable things found in the trash, and so often does it end in a lawsuit.

So it went for Casey Ray, a St. Louis hair salon owner who in March 2009 was lucky enough to stumble across discarded but highly valuable scripts for the films “New Moon” (second in the blockbuster “Twilight” vampire series beloved by tween girls and their mothers, released late last year) and “Remember Me” (still unreleased) in the Dumpster behind her business. Ray returned the scripts to production company Summit Entertainment in exchange for tickets to the premieres and after-parties for each film, and autographed copies of the scripts.

After attending the events for “New Moon,” Ray decided to sell the “Remember Me” tickets on eBay. Summit balked and was further angered when Ray then tried to unload the tickets via private sale. They grudgingly agreed that Ray could transfer the tickets, but only if she relinquished the autographed scripts, prompting the inevitable lawsuit from Ray.

There’s a solution here. Perhaps Ray could be hired to tease out the hair of the brooding vampires and werewolves in the imminent third “Twilight” film?

Source: St. Louis Business Journal