The Heap

Sanitation Salutations

Many people are accustomed to the occasional friendly wave from their neighborhood garbage man, but for Wellington, Fla., sanitation worker Horace Reeves, waving is a way of life. As he collects litter and trash along the city’s roadways, he waves to literally every vehicle and pedestrian that passes. It’s kind of his thing.

"My mom always told me, 'Say hi to people,' " the 53-year-old Reeves told the Palm Beach Post. "She didn't make no trouble to no one." The paper notes that many city residents deliberately seek out “the Waver” as a kind of daily pick-me-up.

Reeves stops to wave even if it interrupts his work, which you’d think would annoy his employer. But Wellington officials say he’s become a kind of unofficial ambassador for the city, meaning the waving is as much a part of his job as the trash collecting.

No one has the heart to point out that Reeves isn’t waving. He’s just fanning away the stench of all that garbage.

Source: Palm Beach Post