The Heap

A Recycling Ferry Tale

When the island of Frenchboro, Maine, sought to cut sky-high trash disposal fees by motivating its residents to divert waste to recycling, it zeroed in on a unique but universal motivator for its population: getting off the island. By offering a free ferry trip to residents who trucked out a load of recyclables to a recovery facility on the mainland, the Frenchboro Solid Waste Committee cut disposal costs by almost a third and dramatically increased interest in recycling.

The funds generated from the redeemed recyclables have helped pay for the installation of large recycling dumpsters on Frenchboro and the hiring of a part-time recycling coordinator. Some organic waste is diverted to a composting project at the island’s community garden. Now the committee has set an 80 percent diversion rate goal.

Let’s hope they never put in a bridge.

Source: The Working Waterfront (via Mary Catherine O'Connor)

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