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Recology's No-Bid Contract Comes Under Fire

Recology's No-Bid Contract Comes Under Fire

Looks like the natives are getting restless. In a piece in The Bay Examiner, senior writer Elizabeth Lesly Stevens calls into question Recology's unusual, 80-year-old, no-bid contract with the city of San Francisco. Despite helping the city achieve the nation's highest diversion rate, it appears the company has some explaining to do.


Recology has been “the City’s permanent and exclusive refuse collection firm, without Recology ever having undergone the City’s normal competitive bidding process.” While residential rates are overseen by a city rate board, Recology’s posted commercial rates are unregulated and are far higher than those paid by businesses in other Bay Area communities, according to a city study released last month.
Be sure to click through to read the measured response from Waste Management, which services Oakland and several other nearby areas. Incidentally, Recology came in at number 10 in our soon-to-be-published 18th edition of the Waste Age 100.
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