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One Bin to Rule Them All (with video)

One Bin to Rule Them All (with video)

Anyone who knows me knows I am a shameless J.R.R. Tolkien fan. I can tell you why Tom Bombadil's omission from the Lord of the Rings films was a heinous crime. I can quote from the Silmarillion. And I frequently partake of Second Breakfast AND Elevensies. All of which is to say, I am a big 'ol nerd.

So you can imagine my delight when my cultural interest intersected with my professional interest in the form of "Lord of Recycling," a garbage-themed parody produced by one Megasteakman that recently showed up on (the official unofficial site for news on all things Tolkien). The film recasts the epic quest undertaken by Frodo and company as an attempt to properly dispose of a golden soda bottle (presumably HDPE, but maybe gold is a recyclable in Middle-Earth).

For purposes of parody, Mount Doom becomes the ultimate recycling center, but it might have been more accurate to depict Mordor embracing waste to energy. Orcs love to burn stuff.

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