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The NIMBY List

Article-The NIMBY List

saint-index-us-opposition-t.jpgA new study released by the Saint Consulting Group shows, perhaps unsurprisingly, that landfills are the single most opposed development in the United States. The Saint Index is a survey of U.S. attitudes about local real estate projects. A landfill is the most reviled type of proposed development when it comes to a person’s hometown, followed closely by a casino.

According to the index, 78 percent of American adults oppose a landfill project in their community, and nearly as many oppose a casino (77 percent). An aggregate quarry is opposed by 62 percent. The good news is that the surveyed adults were more willing to keep an open mind about new development projects given the slumping economy.

Waste Age offers guidance on how to establish your landfill as an asset to the community and how to be a good neighbor. What are some ways in which your waste firm strives to be a good neighbor?