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That May Be Amore

That May Be Amore


It's a common complaint of those working in the trash industry that they don't receive much love from the public. But a Florida alligator may be downright besotted with the garbage truck that serves the area surrounding her home at the Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

From an report:

Twice a week, a city garbage truck growls nearby and hoists garbage bins into its cavernous maw, Attitude, who's been at the park for about 10 years, jerks her head up, hoists her tail and lets out a bellow for the ages.

Caretakers at the attraction aren't sure whether she's in love or in fear. She may be mistaking the truck's low-level rumble for another gator's love song, to which she is singing the second part harmony, or protecting her territory from a scaly intruder.

'It's one or the other,' said Chris Costanzo, marketing director of the park. 'But the way she's carrying on, we're pretty sure it's a mating thing.'"

Hey, what happens in Sarasota stays in Sarasota.

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