The Heap

Hoping to Trip Up the Transfer Station

According to the website, residents of the Stanley Isaacs Houses public-housing complex in Manhattan are banding together to protest the planned construction of a neighboring transfer station that would be located less than 300 feet from their homes. The transfer station is part of the city's plan to have each borough collect and handle its own trash in order to cut down on truck mileage. The plan also calls for the city to ship more of its trash to distant landfills via barges rather than trucks to reduce fuel useage and vehicle emissions.

However, residents of the Stanley Isaacs complex say the proposed transfer station on East 91st Street would bring truck traffic and odors that would seriously decrease their quality of life. According to, the station would bring up to 54 trash trucks an hour and 5,280 tons of trash a day into the area.

Tonight, the housting complex residents will be holding their second rally in two weeks against the transfer station.

Question for any of you New Yorkers who may be reading this: What is your take on this proposed transfer station and the reaction of Stanley Isaacs residents?

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