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Green Vibrations

Green Vibrations

shop-green-sex-toys.jpgIf zero waste is the ultimate goal, then it stands to reason that we must make room for everything in the recycle bin — including sex toys. Enter Dreamscapes LLC, which aims to turn red lights green by accepting (clean) used sex toys via mail for recycling.

“After undergoing a thorough cleaning, toys are inspected and sorted according to their material,” says the company in a press release. “Vibrators and other mechanical toys are sent for proper disassembly and recycling. Silicone, rubber, metals, plastics, or other materials are sorted and sent to designated recycling centers. Any batteries left in the toys are removed and recycled appropriately as well.”

To further arouse the interest of potential recyclers, the company is offering a $10 gift card and free shipping for use on items from its online store (which includes a line of “green” adult products) in return for every contribution.

I've heard of E-waste. Does that make this XXX-waste?