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Georgians on Recycling: Let's Do It


Ninety-seven percent of Georgians (residents of the impoverished state, not the impoverished country) say that "recycling should be a high priority for their fellow residents." That's according to a newly released study commissioned by the state's Department of Community Affairs.

Among some other stats of note:

• 84 percent of the state's residents have recycled something in the past year.

• 82 percent feel guilty when they throw away an item that could have been recycled. (By the way, you kind of have to admire the honesty of the people who said they don't feel guilt.)

• Only 58 percent say they recycle always or often, with 21 percent recycling only sometimes and 22 percent doing so rarely or never.

• A big obstacle to recycling in Georgia is the lack of curbside collection. Only two in five Georgia residents (41 percent) say they live in a community that offers curbside or bin pickup recycling. And 90 percent said they would recycle if it were easier. Of those without access to curbside programs, only 45 percent recycle "always" or "often." And 55 percent of those without such access strongly or moderately agree that not having a program is a source of frustration. Two-thirds of Georgia residents take recyclables to drop-off sites (even if only once a year).

What are the obstacles to recycling in your community?

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