The Heap

Fare and Balanced

The U.S. political climate has become so polarized of late that it seems Democrats and Republicans are unlikely to reach agreement on anything ever again. Lending credence to this idea is the dispute currently raging in, of all places, the dining hall of the U.S. House of Representatives.

There is precedent: The House dining hall was the birthplace of “Freedom Fries,” after all. The current food fight began a few years ago, when the House was still under Democratic control. Then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi (who, it should be noted, represents San Francisco, which boasts a landfill diversion rate just shy of 80 percent) oversaw the replacement of the eatery’s non-recyclable foam plates and plastic cutlery with compostable alternatives.

Soon after retaking the House last November, Republicans deemed the compostable items an expensive boondoggle, and in a show of thriftiness, brought back the cheaper disposable stuff. The remaining Democrats cried foul and the fight was on.

One wishes someone would simply wing a scoop of mashed potatoes at the head of the nearest Distinguished Gentleman and settle this dispute the old fashioned way.

Source: The New York Times