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Dump in the Deep End

Dump in the Deep End

With sweltering summer temperatures setting records nationwide, it’s no wonder the American dream of a backyard swimming pool is alive and well. But the Dyer family in Tampa Bay, Fla., got more than they bargained for when they began excavating behind their suburban home for their own watery retreat. A mere two and a half feet below the ground, workers unearthed large amounts of household trash dating as far back as the 1970s. Two feet below that, they discovered a strata of larger items, including truck tires, a lawn mower and a washing machine. And it became clear there was much more material waiting to be discovered.

The total size of the impromptu landfill is still unknown, nor is it clear whether the pit represents an illegal dumping ground or a once-legitimate landfill that fell off the county maps before being rezoned as residential. But now that the trash has been uncovered, Polk County, Fla., officials are unwilling to cover it up again. They estimate that it will take thousands of dollars to clean up the mess, meaning the only thing taking a dive this summer are the Dyer’s property values.

Still, it could always be worse: There could have been a Native American burial ground under there.

Source: Tampa Bay Online

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