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The Heap

Diaper Debate

Check this out: This diaper contains a surprise. No, not THAT…

So. DiaperPods. A diaper with its own built-in trash bag. As someone who is expecting twin boys any day now, I realize it takes some degree of hubris to say this, but give me a break. Knowing the massive amount of space disposable diapers (side note: is there any more insidious euphemism than “’sposies”?) eat up in a landfill, we should be looking for every opportunity we can find to minimize diaper waste. No, I don’t expect cloth diapers are right for everyone in every situation, and I could actually even think of pretty suitable (but limited) instances when DiaperPods would actually be quite suitable (and it should be noted that they currently exist only as a prototype, competing for venture capital from Walmart). But it’s hard to see convenience-driven “innovations” like this one as anything but a great big baby step in the wrong direction.

What do you think?

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