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Dialing Up the Recycling Numbers

Dialing Up the Recycling Numbers

dialingup.jpgThis week, recycling consultant released its 2009 Annual Recycling Report, which shows, perhaps unsurprisingly, that electronics generated the most recycling queries on the site.

“Electronics have always been popular searches on, but with the increased attention these devices have received, this past year was our highest yet,” said Corey Lambrecht, president of Earth911, in a press release. “Also, overall recycling searches increased 12 percent over 2008, as consumers want to know more about how to dispose of these items.”

The top 10 products consumers looked to recycle in 2009 using Earth911’s database were:

1. Computers

2. Batteries

3. Televisions

4. Paint

5. Aluminum cans

6. Used motor oil

7. CFLs

8. Glass

9. Fluorescent lamps

10. Christmas Trees

A .PDF of the full report can be obtained at here.