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Conventional Thinking

conventionalthinking.jpg A recent story in the Las Vegas Sun reveals that the Las Vegas Convention Center and Cashman Center recycled more than half of the waste material collected at those facilities in 2009. That gives the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), which operates both facilities, one of the highest diversion rates among U.S. meeting facilities operators.

From the article:

[Taryle Spain, director of client services for the LVCVA and leader of its "green team"] said overall, the LVCVA recovered 2,665.9 tons of materials of 4,070.7 tons processed for a recovery rate of 66 percent. That percentage is well ahead of most of the city's convention rivals and just ahead of the Orlando convention center's reported recycling rate of 65 percent.

Waste Age is well acquainted with the Las Vegas Convention Center, as it seems like WasteExpo is held there every other year (but not this year). While I have not spied any separate recycling receptacles during those shows, it's likely most of the material is being separated post collection.