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The Heap

Chutes and Ladies

chutesandladies.jpgThough she couldn’t explain quite how it happened, Jewel Matthew of Brooklyn, N.Y., fell down her apartment building’s garbage chute. And thanks to her 200-pound girth, she wedged there. Good thing too, considering she lived on the building’s 15th floor, and while a fifteen-floor fall might be fine for bags of garbage, it’s not recommended for the people heaving them.

Firefighters immediately cut power to the automatic trash compactor at the bottom of the chute. They were still puzzling over how to extricate the 36-year-old Matthew when she unexpectedly dropped from the 15th floor to the 14th. She was rescued when firefighters were able to cut into the chute from below and pull her out.

Suddenly, the stairs don’t look so bad.

Source: The New York Daily News