Jillian Treadwell

McGill University, Ice River Springs Master’s Scholarship for Sustainability Scholar 2016, Environmental Research & Education Foundation

Jillian Treadwell is currently a master’s student at McGill University in the department of Bioresource Engineering. She is also working on a massive open online course regarding integrated cycles in wastewater and nutrient management in collaboration with Concordia University and the United Nations Environment Programme. More broadly, she interested in how we can make human systems more circular, resilient, and sustainable, and beyond that, how to make this science accessible so that these types of systems become more attainable.

In 2013, Treadwell completed her undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia with a B.Sc. in Global Resource Systems where her studies were predominantly focused on environmental and climate sciences, sustainable development, and physical geography. During her undergraduate degree, Treadwell completed a semester abroad at the CEMUS Centre for Sustainable Development at Uppsala University in Sweden. While at the University of British Columbia, she also completed an internship with Environmental Youth Alliance where she volunteered with students and teachers to facilitate environmental education in elementary schools through the use of school gardens. Following her undergraduate degree, Jillian went on to work for an environmental engineering consulting firm where she focused on alternative solid waste management.

Jillian’s Recent activity