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January 1, 1998

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Answers to QuickQuiz:


1 - B. There should be no odor if your compost pile is maintained properly. Micro-organisms that thrive in environments with no oxygen (anaerobic) tend to generate bad odors, while those that exist in oxygen-rich environments (aerobic) do not. So, turn your pile regularly to add oxygen and avoid odor.

2 - D. More than 3,000 composting facilities operate nationwide that process millions of tons of organic material annually.

3 - E. Composts have strengths well-suited to water pollution control, in particular to non-point source pollution control.

4 - A. Compost has been used to restore soil that is contaminated with explosives, munitions wastes, petroleum, fuel wastes, lead and other metals.

5 - C. Sometimes this process includes forced aeration and periodic turning or agitation of the rows using specialized machinery.

For more information, contact: The Composting Council, 114 South Pitt St., Alexandria, Va. 22314. (703) 739-2401. Fax: (703) 739-2407. E-mail: [email protected]

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