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Harp Renewables Launches BioNova America

Article-Harp Renewables Launches BioNova America

The Dublin, Ireland-based company is opening distribution channels for its “waterless” digester system in the North and South American markets.

Harp Renewables in Dublin, Ireland, announced the establishment of BioNova America Inc., based in Austin, Texas, to open distribution channels in the North and South American markets for its “waterless” digester system. The system reduces organic waste mass and volume by 70 percent on average and up to 80 to 90 percent for wastewater DAF (dissolved air flotation) sludge.

According to the company, BioNova is the first continuous feed digester that does not use any fresh water and has no gray water discharge to the trade waste sewers.

Food waste collected in biodegradable (PLA) garbage bags are thrown whole into the system, leaving clean totes ready for the next shift. The BioNova system will also process compostable dinnerware and cutlery from Vegware and other PLA suppliers with the food waste. Most importantly, the (pathogen free) biomass output is stable and will not rot or smell if rehydrated and can be land applied as an organic fertilizer. BioNova also provides close coupled biomass boilers that use the output to generate heat and hot water.

BioNova manufactures six different onsite machines that will process 200 pounds to six tons per day. The company also noted that BioNova's unique enzymes never need replacement, and if the system is unused for two days or two months, the system comes to life again when food waste is inserted.

Harp Renewables has appointed Sonny Burkett as CEO of BioNova USA. Burkett was the first to introduce food waste dehydrator systems to North America and has more than 10 years of experience in developing original equipment and aftermarket distribution channels in the organics waste recycling industry.

“The BioNova is truly unique in providing the most end user-friendly and cost-effective system with an expected life span of 15 years plus based on real-life client use in Europe,” said Burkett in a statement

BioNova offers the systems for sale, rental or long-term lease and plans to build systems in the U.S.

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