Product Survey: Truck Engines & Tires


Goodyear, Akron, Ohio, introduces the Unisteel G287 HSS tire for waste haulers. Available in 315/80R22.5 size, the tire can accommodate up to 10,200-pound (lb.) loads at 130 pounds per square inch. Its high-mileage tread compound is intended to extend tire life. Its wide footprint is designed to increase mileage, and improve cornering and handling, the company says. The tire also features a flat tread radius to improve highway grip. The tread design also helps decrease noise. A 4-belt steel package is intended for strength and improved performance, while penetration protectors improve the tire's retreadability by resisting stone drilling, the company says. The tires also include the company's DuraSeal technology, a built-in sealant that instantly seals punctures up to ¼-inch (in.) in diameter.

Mack Trucks

The MP7 engine from Mack Trucks, Allentown, Pa., is included in the company's Maxidyne, Econodyne and MaxiCruise performance families, and is ideal for waste industry applications. The 11-liter engine features six horsepower ratings between 325 horsepower (hp.) and 405 hp. It also features a torque range between 1,260 foot-pounds (ft.-lbs.) and 1,560 ft.-lbs. The engine is available in the company's TerraPro Cabover and TerraPro Low-Entry models.


Michelin, Greenville, S.C., offers the XZU S and X One XZU S tires specifically for waste industry vehicles. The XZU S tire's co-extruded tread compounds, which feature a high-scrub resistant compound and a second layer of tread rubber beneath, enable it to reach a maximum speed capability of 65 mph. Available in 315/80R22.5 load range L size, the tire offers increased sidewall protection through increased rubber thickness and an optimized sidewall profile, the company says. The X One XZU S is a wide single tire featuring Infinicoil technology. Available in 455/55R22.5 load range M size, the tire has an 11,700-lb. load capability per tire. According to the company, the tire's lower rolling resistance is intended to reduce fuel consumption. Because only one size is needed, the tire increases payload and improves driver comfort and vehicle stability, the company says.

Setco Solid Tire

The Air Ride tire from Setco Solid Tire, Idabel, Okla., features micro lugs for additional traction and comfort. According to the company, the tire is manufactured with 100 percent natural rubber and uses a dual rubber compound. Air holes on the tire absorb shock and are intended to reduce stress on equipment.

T.Y. Cushion Tire

T.Y. Cushion Tire, City of Industry, Calif., offers the Aperature Structure solid tire, which has the ability to ride like a regular pneumatic tire, the company says. The tire is constructed with less rubber to reduce vehicle weight and to increase fuel efficiency. The tire's rubber compound is intended for even wear and increased tire life.

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