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Prepare for new fleet purchases with our annual Truck and Body Report.

Our annual Truck and Body Report is divided into two sections: the first details refuse truck bodies, and the second provides an overview of heavy-duty truck cabs and chassis. Generally, the body section looks at one product per manufacturer. The cab and chassis section looks at updates that OEMs have made to several of their product lines.

Refuse Truck Bodies

E-Z Pack Manufacturing


Goliath G400 Rear Loader

  • Features a 4-cubic-yard hopper.
  • Equipped with a linkage packing system that uses no roller, slides or shoes.
  • Features hydraulic seals that are designed to be leak-proof.
  • Comes standard with a two-year body warranty.

Heil Environmental


STARR (Semi-Trailer Automated Rapid Rail) Side Loader

  • The product features a Rapid Rail automated lift that is mounted on a truck tractor and a detachable semi-trailer packer body.
  • The product is the only semi-trailer refuse and recycling collection system, the OEM says.
  • Features a 42-foot curb-to-curb turning radius that is designed to eliminate potentially dangerous backups.
  • Designed to navigate cul-de-sacs, narrow and dead-end streets, alleys, and other tight spots.



Automizer 2010 Right-Hand Side Loader

  • Automated arm is designed for both regular and narrow streets.
  • Features tapered body design.
  • Designed to collect both residential and commercial trash as well as recycling materials.
  • Contains a "work at idle" feature to reduce energy consumption.



Compressed Natural Gas Refuse Trucks

  • Available in front loader, rear loader and side loader configurations.
  • Compliant with 2010 federal engine-emission regulations.

New Way


Sidewinder Automated Side Loader

  • Features a 1,000-pound capacity and a frame-mounted arm with a 144-inch reach.
  • Cycle time of 8 seconds.
  • 12-inch by 16-inch clean-out doors.
  • Pre-crusher panel option.

Pak-Mor Ltd.


Load Liner Rear Loader Series

  • Now available in a curved-shell body version.
  • Curved shell is designed for a sleeker look.
  • Features a 78-inch-wide, 2.8-cubic-yard hopper.
  • Features optional automatic tailgate locks.



AlleyGator Automated Side Loader

  • Available in 20-, 23-, 27- and 30-cubic-yard sizes.
  • Operates at idle to reduce fuel consumption.
  • All hydraulics are on outside of hopper, which is intended to simplify maintenance.
  • Designed for less truck rocking to decrease driver fatigue.



Lightning Loader Grapple Truck

  • Designed for collecting bulky waste such as brush, stumps, white goods and furniture.
  • Available with a 20-foot hydraulic knuckle boom and a clamshell grapple bucket.

Wayne Engineering


Quantum Rear Loader

  • This small-body rear loader is designed for collection on high-mileage, low-density routes.
  • Can be equipped to handle 1- to 6-cubic-yard commercial containers.
  • Packing mechanism features a packer plate that sweeps the entire 70-inch-wide tailgate and yields compaction ratings of 800 to 900 pounds per cubic yard.
  • Available in 6- to 10-cubic-yard models. Options include single or dual-cart tipper, a container roll bar and rear-view color camera system.

Heavy Duty Trucks

American LaFrance


  • Now features the Bosch Rexroth Hydrostatic Regenerative Braking System on its Condor 880S and 830S models.
  • According to the OEM, the braking system results in significant fuel savings and less wear and tear over the course of the vehicle’s life.



  • The ACX Low-Cab-Forward Chassis has been refined to feature the Cummins ISX 11.9 diesel engine.
  • The engine is available in ratings from 320 horsepower and 1,050 pounds-feet of torque up to 385 horsepower and 1,450 pounds-feet of torque.
  • A new offering from Autocar for the 2011 model year is the Xspotter terminal tractor.
  • Available in diesel, natural gas or zero-emissions lithium-ion battery configurations, the tractor is designed to serve in transfer stations, terminal operations, rail yards and port facilities.

Crane Carrier Co.


  • Crane offers a line of Class 6, 7 and 8 heavy-duty trucks, including the COE2, LET2, LDT2 and the LWT2. The models feature both a cab-over-engine and low-entry cab design with left-hand, right-hand or dual-steer configurations.
  • Available with diesel or compressed natural gas engines.
  • Hybrid electric and hybrid hydraulic models are available.
  • The trucks come in multi-, front- and rear-axle configurations.
  • The remote-mounted radiator location — behind the cab, over the engine and centered with the front axle — is designed to reduce heat and noise from the engine and cooling system within the cab.
  • The LWT2 features an aluminum cab and a drop-frame chassis for manual and semi-automated body configurations.



  • The OEM has introduced the Coronado Severe Duty vocational model.
  • The severe duty model comes in both set-back and set-forward axle configurations, and features an all-aluminum cab, fiberglass hood and a 90-degree hood tilt designed to provide easy engine access.
  • The design of the Coronado On-Highway Truck also has been updated to enhance aerodynamics.
  • The OEM says the new aerodynamics of the highway truck will improve fuel economy and driver comfort.
  • The Coronado On-Highway Truck comes standard with dual chrome steel intakes.



  • The OEM has introduced a natural gas-powered version of its T440 truck that is designed for local, regional-haul and vocational applications.
  • This version of the T440 can be equipped to operate either on compressed natural gas or liquefied natural gas, and is powered by a Cummins ISL engine.
  • The company also has introduced the T700 as a replacement for its T2000 highway tractor.
  • The T700 features an interior sleeper height of 8 feet and has demonstrated a 3 percent improvement in drag when compared with the OEM’s T660, the company says.

Mack Trucks


  • The OEM is offering a new Econodyne on-highway diesel engine.
  • The new Econodyne features the EconoBoost torque management system that offers drivers additional torque when they need it, the company says. For example, the 505 horsepower engine provides 1,560 pounds-feet of torque under cruising conditions but can provide an additional 200 pounds-feet of torque if needed.
  • The OEM also has introduced the C150/151 family of rear-axle carriers.



  • According to the OEM, the new ProStar+ features improved aerodynamics and reduced curb weight when compared with its predecessor in the ProStar line. Features the International MaxxForce 11 and MaxxForce 13 engines.
  • Uses no selective catalytic reduction aftertreatment system to meet 2010 EPA engine emission regulations. The OEM says cab noise levels have been reduced by 9 percent compared to previous ProStar models and says the truck features a 20-pound force reduction in clutch feel to create less fatigue.



  • The OEM has introduced the Class 7-8 Model 348 vocational unit. Its gross vehicle weight rating starts at 35,000 pounds.
  • The Model 348 features an all-aluminum cab and is available in a truck or tractor configuration.
  • The unit is available with a Paccar PX-6 engine, which delivers 280 horsepower, and a Paccar PX-8 engine, which delivers up to 380 horsepower.
  • The company also has introduced the Model 587, a long-haul, tandem-axle tractor.
  • The Model 587 improves fuel efficiency by 1.25 percent when compared with the Model 387 unit that it is replacing, the OEM says.

Volvo Trucks North America


  • The OEM has not announced plans to unveil new truck models, but has made some improvements to its existing product line.
  • The company has added the Eco-Torque feature to its I-Shift automated manual transmission. The feature boosts the amount of torque available so that the automated manual transmission doesn’t have to downshift in hilly driving conditions, thereby helping maintain vehicle speed and fuel economy at the same time, the company says.
  • The OEM has also added the “Pre-Inspect Assist” program to help drivers speed up the pre-trip inspection process. The program is built into the driver information display and checks the wiring, fuses, vehicle and trailer lights, and detects air leaks in the braking system.

Western Star


  • The OEM’s 109-inch bumper to the back of the cab (BBC) 4900 model now includes a Detroit Diesel DD13 engine and an Allison 3000RDS automatic transmission.
  • The truck is designed for construction, government, refuse and utility applications.
  • Additional updates to the 109 include underhood air cleaners with inside/outside air and dash controls, and a 6-gallon diesel exhaust fluid tank.
  • The 4900 truck is available with front axles rated from 12,000 pounds to 20,000 pounds, and rear axles from 21,000 pounds to 46,000 pounds.