Bandit Industries

The Model 4680 Beast Waste Recycler from Bandit Industries, Remus, Mich., is manufactured for processing large diameter trees, logs and stumps. Featuring 45-inch (in.) high by 63-in. wide opening, the unit can process up to 600 cubic yards of material per hour. It is available in towable or self-propelled configurations and features 760 to 1,200 horsepower (hp.) diesel engine options. The unit's cuttermill can cut, split and grind material quickly while consuming less energy and fuel, the company says.

CBI Inc.

CBI Inc., Newton, N.H., offers a line of grinders, shredders and chippers, including portable and stationary Grizzly Mill Wood Waste Hogs, Magnum Force horizontal grinders and chippers, Annihilator primary shredders, screeners and stump shears. The Magnum Force 8600 includes a clamshell hogbox design for maintenance and a direct lifting line to remove screens. It features a 50-in. by 60-in. downturn rotor constructed of 4-in. thick forged steel. With a throughput of up to 200 tons per hour, the unit includes a built-in prescreener that allows abrasive materials to pass through, the company says. It also includes three slide-in screens.

CW Mill

CW Mill, Sabetha, Kan., has introduced the TC-1564SE HogZilla electric industrial wood grinder. Powered by an 800-horsepower (hp.) engine, the grinder features a 15-foot (ft.) tub constructed of ½-in. thick steel. The tub floor is constructed of ¾-in. thick abrasion-resistant steel. It includes a 46-in. diameter, 12-pin hammermill with an 8 ¾-in. main shaft. With a 72-in. wide belly conveyor, the grinder also features a thrown object restraint. According to the company, the grinder offers increased efficiency and reduced maintenance.


Morbark, Winn, Mich., introduces the Model 3800 Wood Hog. Weighing 53,000 pounds (lbs.), the grinder features a 38-in. by 59 ¾-in. infeed opening and rotor tip swing. According to the company, the grinder's step frame design creates space in the mill area, which allows material to easily flow from the grinding chamber. An internal hydraulic drive on the feed wheel and a six-tooth drive sprocket help eliminate debris and congestion, the company says. Powered by a Caterpillar or Cummins diesel engine with 400 to 630 hp., or electric power, it features a PT Tech hydraulic wet clutch.

Peterson Pacific Corp.

Peterson Pacific Corp, Eugene, Ore., offers the 5710C horizontal track grinder. Powered by a 1,050 hp. Caterpillar C27 engine, the grinder features a 60-in. by 44-in. feed opening and a high lift feed roll for processing a variety of materials, including stumps, the company says. The grinder, which is manufactured for high production applications and jobs that require frequent moves, weighs 82,330 lbs.


The Hurricane dual shaft shredders from Vecoplan, High Point, N.C., feature a two story-high construction and can process C&D debris, municipal solid waste, plastic, wood, paper and organic matter. Available in six models — VVZ 210 HS, VVZ 250 HS, VVZ 310 HS, VVZ 210 T, VVZ 250 T and VVZ 310 T — the units have a 100-ton-per-hour throughput and come in stationary and portable configurations. Twin-cutting rotors are powered by a dedicated drive motor, which is available in a hydraulic drive or electric drive configuration. With a closed rotor design, the units' tow rotors are equipped with quick-fix bolt-on cutters, eliminating welding when replacing worn teeth. Additional features include hydraulic aggregates with high-torque pumps, a center anvil with a replaceable hard-faced counter knife and removable screen grates, and built-in tramp metal protection.


Vermeer, Pella, Iowa, offers the TG5000 tub grinder, which can be powered by a CAT C15 540 hp. diesel engine or a CAT C13 440 hp. diesel engine. According to the company, the grinder's extra large cooling system and high-capacity radiator are intended for longer work on harsh conditions with reduced risk of over-heating. The grinder features a 60-in. deep and 12-ft. wide tub opening. A low-speed, high-torque hydraulic motor drives tub rotation. The bottom of the tub flares outward, enabling steady feeding of materials and reduced bridging. The unit features push-button engagement through a remote, cab or ground control station. The V-cleat discharge belt measures 36 in. and is manufactured to reduce material bridging, the company says. The single, continuous flow belt has a 14-ft. height capability. A cab and loader, which mounted in front of the engine enclosure, are optional.