No Cat Do

Cats may be many things, but they are not joiners. So it is little surprise that one finicky feline effectively sabotaged her owners' attempt to set an environmental example. Oregon residents Amy and Adam Korst had the best of intentions: Live for a year by sending no more than five pounds of waste to the landfill. They found ways to recycle everything from toothbrushes to stereo components and sacrificed foods that came in packaging that could not be recycled or reused (their efforts are documented at The endeavor was going swimmingly — until the Korsts' eight-year-old cat Lexy decided her part of the arrangement simply would not fly.

Lexy had grown accustomed to her environmentally-unfriendly kitty litter and flatly refused to use the biodegradable substitute. Eventually, the Korsts excused Lexy from having to participate in the project, conceding to The Guardian newspaper that they “do not have a green cat.”

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