Pet Project

You know public perception of WalMart and other big box stores is at a particularly low ebb when residents of a Cincinnati community, mulling development options for the recently capped Gray Road landfill, opted for a pet cemetery as the more desirable proposal. Such was the decision of the Spring Grove Village Community Council (SGVCC), one of several local governing bodies considering plans for the site.

The seven-acre Willows of Spring Grove pet cemetery would include a special section for service dogs, sitting areas, walking paths, a reflection pond and a dog park. "We believe that this project will be a positive change to our community and provide a long-term landmark to the city," wrote SGVCC President James Beauchamp in a recommendation letter.

The proposal awaits approval by other community groups. There is a certain symmetry to the project, as dogs once scolded for getting into the trash will now permanently — blissfully — reside just above it.

SOURCE: The Cincinnati Enquirer

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