The 11th Plague

Threats of fire and brimstone not keeping the congregation in line? There's nothing like a special delivery of flaming garbage to snap them to attention.

Workers at Grace Chapel, a non-denominational church in Halifax, Nova Scotia, were shocked to see an Enviro Waste garbage truck barrel into their parking lot and hurriedly dump a heaping pile of trash onto the asphalt. Firefighters soon arrived to extinguish the huge, blazing pile, and the mess was cleaned up within a day. No (earthly) cause for the fire was given, though authorities are still investigating.

Some might debate divine involvement in the event, but theologians point out that it fits the description of what they refer to as “the lesser plagues,” including “The Plague of Intermittent Cable Reception,” “The Plague of Lost Keys” and “The Plague of Britney Spears.”

Source: The Halifax Daily News


The lake placid (n.y.) police department is desperate for a firing range of its own. Forced to share the range owned by the Lake Placid Fish and Game Club or file paperwork to use the facility used by state police and corrections officers, LPPD officials say properly training officers has been difficult.

In considering potential range sites, LPPD officials knew they needed an 80 by 250-yard chunk of land that would stay clear of people and was located far from residential areas that might complain about the noise. Their proposal? Build the range inside the nearby North Elba County Landfill.

“It's all wasted property that's not used,” LPPD Chief Scott Monroe told the Lake Placid News. “It's ideal for a range because of the landscape.”

The town board is currently considering the proposal, which the LPPD hopes will be approved by this fall so the range can be constructed in time for spring training exercises. Meanwhile, the landfill's population of rats, gulls and raccoons has begun making plans for immediate relocation.

Source: Lake Placid News