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Trailers, Floors, Tippers

Article-Trailers, Floors, Tippers

Columbia Industries

The Low Profile landfill tipper from Columbia Industries, Hillsboro, Ore., is manufactured to accommodate a variety of trailers. According to the company, operators can unload 10 to 12 trailers per hour with a three-minute cycle time.

East Manufacturing

The Genesis tipping platform transfer trailer from East Manufacturing, Randolph, Ohio, can accommodate up to 145 cubic yards (cu.yds.). It features a fuel-efficient smooth-side construction. According to the company, the 120-cu.-yd. trailer can weigh as little as 12,985 pounds (lbs.). The trailer's sidewall design eliminates a center bar or pipe for efficient top loading, the company says. V-shaped cross members are manufactured to increase aerodynamics and maintain structural strength.

Hallco Manufacturing

Hallco Manufacturing, Tillamook, Ore., offers the Narrow Leak-resistant Heavy-Duty floor deck slat for unloading municipal solid waste and demolition debris. Measuring 1/4 inches (in.) thick, the deck slat features a 3/8-in. lip that overlaps the next slat and covers the seal, which forms a shock-absorbing ridge, the company says. An additional 5/8-in. ridge on the full length of each deck slat is intended for increased stability.

J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers

J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers, Somerset, Pa., offers DynaHauler open and closed top, steel and aluminum push out trailers for handling municipal solid waste, disaster clean-up debris, sludge and other materials. According to the company, the trailers' size and stability help haulers handle the maximum payload without rolling over on uneven ground. The trailers are available with ejector ram cylinders to quickly unload waste. Operators can choose the length, width and height of the trailers. Additional features include mud guards, mud flaps, ladders and tarp rails.

Keith Manufacturing

Keith Manufacturing, Madras, Ore., manufactures the V-Floor unloader, a moving floor system for handling a variety of materials, such as solid waste, scrap, sand and gravel. Constructed of formed steel and aluminum, the system features V-shaped floor slats. The slat ridges are designed to absorb increased load impact and abrasions.

Titan Trailers

Titan Trailers, Ontario, Canada, manufactures a line of V-Floor trailers for heavy-duty applications that handle materials such as scrap metal, stumps and demolition debris. The trailers incorporate the company's Thinwall aluminum construction with a Keith Walking Floor V-Floor system. Constructed of high-wear steel to minimize weight, the V-Floor's design is intended to withstand heavy impacts, the company says. The overlapping V-slats on a full-length bearing prevent seals on the walking floor, reducing damage from abrasives.

Travis Body & Trailer

Travis Body & Trailer, Houston, manufactures the Wave transfer trailer. The trailer is available in aluminum lightweight, heavy-duty live floor or tipper-type configurations. It features aerodynamic, smooth-sided extruded panels. The trailer's panels measure 12 in. tall and 2 in. wide, and include six stiffeners for added strength, the company says. The trailer's height from front to rear can be tapered to increase its capacity.

Wayne Engineering

Wayne Engineering, Cedar Falls, Iowa, offers the Arlock tipper system for rear loader collection vehicles. With the Arlock, rear loaders can latch onto commercial dumpsters, tip, dump and release the dumpster in a single motion. The unit's latching system locks onto both sides of a dumpster's trunions. While the latching arms pull up on the trunions, a kick bar pivots upward, which empties the dumpster. When the tailgate plate extends upward, it eliminates the gap between the tailgate and dumpster, preventing refuse from escaping. Available on the company's Phoenix rear loaders, the unit also can be retrofitted to other rear load vehicles.

Wilkens Industries

Wilkens Industries, Morris, Minn., offers a line of walking floor transfer trailers that can be used for a variety of applications, including the X-Series Expanding Wall walking floor trailer. The company also manufactures heavy-duty or lightweight aluminum trailers and heavy-duty steel trailers. According to the company, the trailers can be customized to user specifications.

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