Pacific North-waste

Waste Management inks deals in the Pacific Northwest.

Officials for Houston-Based Waste Management say recently signed contracts in West Sacramento, Calif., and Seattle will offer new green initiatives as well as expand the company's major metro service area in the Pacific Northwest. Both contracts, signed in February, further the company's overall sustainability goals to triple the volume of recyclables it processes, and reduce fuel consumption and emissions from its fleets by at least 15 percent.

The contract in West Sacramento includes a 10 percent carbon emissions reduction for the company's fleets by 2011. In addition, the company will contribute up to $20,000 each year for green-building seminars. The company also will help the city develop a green-building ordinance, a food waste recycling program, a recycling ordinance for businesses and provide a carbon inventory that includes estimated emissions from waste sent to the nearby Yolo County Central Landfill. “The terms of the contact with West Sacramento are groundbreaking, and we are excited to blaze this trail with such an environmentally friendly city,” says Justin Caporusso, communications manager for Waste Management.

In Seattle, the company signed a 10-year contract, beginning in 2009, to provide waste services to approximately 60 percent of the city's residential customers and more than 50 percent of its commercial customers.

“Our history of excellent service and environmental leadership in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest has gained the trust and respect of residents and businesses throughout the city,” said Susan Robinson, director of public sector services for Waste Management's Western Group, in a press release.

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