I Love a Parade! The Confetti, Not So Much ...

STRIKE UP THE BAND! INFLATE THE BALLOONS! Line up the floats! Pass out the bags!

As you might expect, everyone enjoys parades — except those responsible for cleaning up afterward. Thus, Muscatine, Iowa, residents Pam Knott and Fran Donelson decided to make EVERYONE responsible for picking up parade debris. Before the city's annual Great River Days Reunion Parade, Mayor Dick O'Brien, riding aboard a trolley, will hand out trash bags to citizens lining the parade route. Knott, Donelson and O'Brien hope by instructing their fellow citizens to police litter, they'll make the parade more environmentally friendly and less of a hassle for the city's sanitation workers.

Thankfully, parades in Muscatine generally do not include elephants.
Source: Muscatine Journal

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