Haul, Speed Racer, Haul!!!

It's likely ontario legislators had a specific kind of offender in mind when they recently enacted legislation to catch and penalize street racers. It's less likely they envisioned that one of the first violators ensnared by the law would be driving a commercial garbage truck.

An Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officer clocked the 26-year-old driver going 112 km (75 miles) per hour in a 60 km (35 miles) per hour zone, a small stretch of two-lane blacktop in Goderich, Ont., about 200 km northwest of Toronto. Police said the truck belonged to a private waste hauler and that the driver was on duty at the time. The truck was impounded, and the driver's license was suspended. He faces one count of racing and one count of failing to inspect his vehicle, not to mention what is likely to be a very uncomfortable meeting with his soon-to-be ex-employer.

He'll also likely field questions from physicists and mechanics, curious to know precisely how he got a garbage truck to go 75 mph.
Source: Canwest News Service