Golden Ticket 2.0

HAVE YOU EVER TOSSED something into the trash or recycling bin and, just for a moment, wondered if you were making a mistake? French flight attendant Mathilde Epron heeded that little voice and was rewarded with a trip into space.

At first, Epron, 32, thought nothing of chucking the empty Kit Kat wrapper adorned with promises of a ride into the upper atmosphere aboard the privately developed Rocketplane XP. “It's only others who win,” she recalled thinking. But something made her wonder “what if?” and rescue the winning wrapper two hours later.

Epron will travel to Oklahoma City for four days of astronaut training before taking a flight 60 miles above Earth aboard the four-seater aircraft, including five minutes of weightlessness.

Contest officials strongly denied that, once on board, Epron would be called upon to use her unique expertise to demonstrate the use of seatbelts and serve refreshments on the flight.
Source: Reuters