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Associations, with Benefits

Article-Associations, with Benefits

You may be surprised by the range of benefits available to EIA members.

The Environmental Industry Associations (EIA) partners with a number of providers to offer a variety of discounted and industry-targeted services to the members of the National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA) and the Waste Equipment and Technology Association (WASTEC). Many companies that take advantage of these NSWMA and WASTEC “endorsed business solutions” have found that they can get important services at discounted prices.

For example, Card Payment Services (CPS) serves businesses throughout the country and specializes in payment processing for the waste management industry and its suppliers. CPS assists NSWMA and WASTEC members with credit card processing and offers the lowest rates available. This includes utility rate pricing for NSWMA members and Level 3 processing for WASTEC members. In addition to accepting Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, CPS also handles checks. Participating members have seen their processing fees decrease by more than 30 percent. If your company accepts credit card payments, you should talk to CPS about getting better services at a lower price.

Another example is the Waste Industry Marketplace, the leading directory of companies, products and services for the entire solid waste and recycling industry. This comprehensive listing helps solid waste companies find the products and services that they need to succeed. More than 4,300 companies have listings in this directory. If your company sells equipment or provides services to solid waste companies, you should be listed in the Waste Industry Marketplace. If you procure products and services, you should be shopping at the Waste Industry Marketplace to familiarize yourself with the best products and services and find the best prices.

On Nov. 1, the NSWMA and WASTEC Jobs Center will launch in partnership with Boxwood Technology. The NSWMA and WASTEC Jobs Center will provide the industry’s best resource for connecting solid waste employers with top talent. Employers will find that advertising openings here will be a cost-effective way to find great candidates. Employees, already working in the industry or new to the solid waste field, will be able to post their resume and apply for positions at no cost.

Through its partnership with NSWMA and WASTEC, Affiliated Power Purchasers International (APPI) identifies and implements options that reduce members’ energy, utility and telecommunications costs. NSWMA and WASTEC members pay no upfront, hourly or retainer fees for this service. APPI is only compensated when it demonstrates and delivers savings or refunds.

NSWMA and WASTEC offer members other endorsed business solutions. Through EIA’s partnership with AmWINS Group, NSWMA members have access to insurance programs designed for waste service companies of all sizes and types. These programs include coverage for auto liability, workers compensation, pollution legal liability at landfills, and closure/post closure care. Through EIA’s partnership with Nielson & Company, NSWMA and WASTEC members have access to the surety industry’s best personnel and technical resources, exclusively dedicated to companies in the solid waste industry. NSWMA has a partnership with Concorde to provide NSWMA members preferred pricing for drug and alcohol testing services. Finally, NSWMA and WASTEC members may take advantage of freight shipping discounts for truckload, less-than-truckload and parcel shipping through UPS and FedEx.

If your company is an NSWMA or WASTEC member, you should take advantage of these preferred services and discounts. If your company does not currently belong to NSWMA or WASTEC, these programs are additional reasons to join today. For more information about the NSWMA- and WASTEC-endorsed business solutions, visit www.environmentalistseveryday.org/business-solutions.

Thomas Metzger is director of communications and public affairs for the National Solid Wastes Management Association. Reach him at (202) 364-3751.