Compact Wheel Loader

Schaeff of North America

The SCL 515 compact wheel loader from Schaeff of North America, Dallas, is used as an alternative to skid steer loaders to move materials on construction and demolition (C&D) jobs. It weighs 7,400 pounds, has an operating load of 2,260 pounds and is powered by a 50-horsepower (hp), four-cylinder diesel engine. Joystick and steering wheel options are included.
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Emissions Control


The Advance NoxTech System from NoxTech Inc., Irvine, Calif., is an add-on part for internal combustion engines. The system controls emissions autocatalytically by gas phase reactions, the company says. The autothermal combustion is designed to ensure no byproduct pollutants are generated during biogas combustion, according to the company.
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Industrial Engine


The MackPower division of Mack Trucks Inc., Allentown, Pa., offers an industrial version of the Mack E7 E-Tech engine for the construction and material handling industries. The in-line engine has six cylinders and an intercooled design available with power ranges from 360 hp to 500 hp. Features include electrically controlled fuel-injection, high-swirl combustion chambers and a dual, full-flow, spin-on oil system with a 33.5-quart capacity.
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SolidWasteNet, an Internet site from SolidWasteNet, Ocean City, Md., is designed to provide solid waste management professionals, consulting firms, local governments and regulatory agencies with information to help with solid waste management problems. The site also provides general information for students and others interested in learning about the solid waste field. Users can get information on waste consultant services.
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Hammel Recyclingtechnik GmbH, Bad Salzungen, Germany, manufactures the Hammel Reshredder, which uniformly shreds a finished product to a size of 20 millimeters (mm) to 100 mm, depending on requirements. There is no need for dust extraction, the company says.
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Heavy Duty Container

Engineered Rubber Products

The new 4-yard heavy duty container from Engineered Rubber Products, West Liberty, Iowa, is made from 100 percent recycled plastic and is assembled with rust-proof hardware. Heavy duty rubber skids on the bottom of the container are designed to provide quiet operation, according to the company.
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Odor Control System

Odor One

The Odor One composting system from Odor One, New Baltimore, Mich., is designed to eliminate gases and odors and provide temperature control throughout bays measured at 7 feet wide by 40 feet long to 60 feet long, according to the company. It is an in-vessel system designed to purify air inside a vessel by using charcoal and steam, the company says.
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Rotary Lifters

Q.C. Lifters

The rotary series from Q.C. Lifters, Odgen, Ill., features an ultra-compact rotary actuator, Dupont Teflon bushing and oil seals on all pivot points, and a 350-pound capacity. The series is available in both standard U.S. and optional EURO lifting.
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