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Oregon Transfer Station Garbage-Flinging Tradition Deemed Unsafe

R3 Consulting Group says the tradition of flinging garbage into the Glenwood Central Receiving Station's 12-foot pit is unsafe.

At the Glenwood Central Receiving Station in Oregon, it’s a tradition to fling your garbage into the facility’s 12-foot pit. But R3 Consulting Group says that this tradition “poses a significant risk of injury or fatality if someone fell over the edge” and suggests that the garbage throwers drop their trash on flat ground at least 12 feet away from the facility’s 12-foot pit.

At this time, it’s unknown whether the Glenwood station will change their ways of customer dumping.

The Register-Guard has more information:

The greatest — and maybe only — pleasure of a trip to the Glenwood trash transfer station is the chance to fling garbage into the air and watch it tumble into the massive, deep concrete collection pit.

It’s a time-honored tradition at the Glenwood facility, where dumpgoers back their pickup trucks, trailers and cars to the lip of the 12-foot pit and let the flinging games begin.

“People love coming to the dump for that reason. They love throwing stuff,” said Dan Hurley, Lane County waste management division manager.

Read the full story here.

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