NRC Adds Nine Members to Its Board

The National Recycling Coalition [3] (NRC) has appointed nine new members to its Board of Directors. NRC now has 20 board members.

“We initially intended to select seven candidates to fill out a final board size of 18, but after much deliberation we selected nine for a 20-member board,” said NRC Board President Mark Lichtenstein in a press release. “We considered going higher, but agreed there were a number of challenges with a larger board.”

The nine new members are:

• Mick Berry of M2B2
• Jim Hanna of Starbucks
• Brian Hawkinson of the American Forest and Paper Association
• Bob Hollis of The Mobius Network
• Jeff Miller, an Indiana-based communications consultant
• Michele Nestor of Nestor Resources
• Jerry Powell of Resource Recycling
• Mark Reiter of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries
• Bill Waltz of Strategic Materials


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