Global Waste Management Symposium Issues Call for Abstracts

The second Global Waste Management Symposium (GWMS), which will be held Oct. 3-6, 2010, in San Antonio, has issued a call for abstracts. GWMS will serve as a forum for the presentation of applied and fundamental research, case studies and policy analysis on waste and recyclables management.

The symposium is seeking abstracts on all topics related to the policy and management of solid waste, including:

• Waste minimization, reuse, recycling and management policy, regulation, economics, and planning
• Facility operation and design
• Global climate change
• Chemical and biological treatment and processes
• Life cycle analysis
• Conversion technologies and diversion strategies
• Waste containment
• Leachate treatment and management
• Bioreactors
• Air/gas emission quality, collection, control, utilization, and destruction
• Energy recovery and thermal treatment
• Equipment and safety
• Environmental characterization of waste
• Reuse of high-volume industrial waste materials

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is Oct. 23, 2009. Abstracts should be mailed electronically to Alice Jacobsohn of the National Solid Wastes Management Association at [email protected]