NSWMA Unveils Updated Web Site

Washington, D.C. — The Washington, D.C.-based National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA) has unveiled its revamped Web site (www.nswma.org). The updated site includes a list of frequently asked questions covering all aspects of solid waste management from source reduction and recycling to landfilling and combustion; a compendium of safety information for solid waste and recycling operations; a complete collection of NSWMA research bulletins and press releases, along with a complete set of the "Profiles in Garbage" columns that run in Waste Age; links to on-line solid waste and recycling publications; and many other new features.

The new site "provides a valuable resource for solid waste companies, public sector solid waste managers, researchers and the general public who have questions about garbage and recycling," says Bruce Parker, CEO of NSWMA.