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Benton County Solid-Waste District Questions Arkansas Law

The Benton County Regional Solid Waste Management District filed a lawsuit seeking to have agreements between solid-waste districts declared unconstitutional. The suit names the Boston Mountain Solid Waste District as the defendant.

The Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette has more:

The Benton County district wants the Boston Mountain district blocked from collecting part of the fee levied on waste generated in Benton County and disposed of in the Eco-Vista landfill near Tontitown in Washington County. The Boston Mountain district covers Washington and Madison counties.

Wendy Cravens, director of the Benton County district, said the aim of the lawsuit is to clarify the law. Cravens said a district with a landfill like Boston Mountain can receive fees paid by residents of another district without providing any service to those people.

"We're not actually trying to sue Boston Mountain," Cravens said. "We're simply trying to clarify the law. We don't believe the law as written is constitutional."

Read the full story here.

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