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TerraCycle and Colgate-Palmolive Company Launch New Oral Care Sustainability Initiative

TerraCycle's national programs repurpose and recycle non-recyclable waste materials, such as cigarette butts, snack packaging and beauty products, etc.

TerraCycle China joins Colgate-Palmolive Company in announcing the Colgate Oral Care National Recycling Program -- This is an inaugural recycling program created by TerraCycle and Colgate in China. These non-recyclable oral care products and packaging waste, can now be professionally recycled nationally. This program also offers volunteers the opportunity to participate in environmental protection and make their contribution through their actions.

TerraCycle's national programs repurpose and recycle non-recyclable waste materials, such as cigarette butts, snack packaging and beauty products, etc. Local collection teams need to register on the TerraCycle website as members and sign up programs (Limited participating locations) of various waste streams, such as toothpaste packaging, toothbrushes, mouthwash bottles or floss containers. Participation is free and all shipping costs are paid. Recycling could be simple and easy.

"We are excited to extend our recycling outreach through our local partnership with Colgate-Palmolive in China," said Tom Szaky, Founder and Global CEO of TerraCycle. "TerraCycle's recycling programs powerfully engage consumers, using contests and incentive schemes, in promoting awareness about reducing, upcycling and recycling. With Colgate's commitment and support, consumers are now empowered to cleanly and safely repurpose or recycle oral care products, like Colgate® toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes."

"Colgate has been committed to supporting the communities we serve and to respecting the world around us." Said Arvind Sachdev, Vice President & General Manager, Colgate-Palmolive Greater China. "TerraCycle's recycling programs are great community initiatives that we are proud to partner in. They offer an innovative way for Colgate to support local communities and for consumers to positively impact the environment. Through this, consumers can now recycle oral care items that are not accepted in traditional recycling channels. Through encouraging consumers to practice recycling in this program, we believe we will communicate the program mission 'Smile Rebuilds Future' to more and more people".

"This is part of a global partnership between Colgate and TerraCycle and has been successfully implemented across five countries. TerraCycle has started its operation in China in 2016." Said Connie Leung, General Manager-Greater China of TerraCycle.

"There have been many dedicated environmental NGOs playing a leading role in guiding the community to sort and recycle, but there is still massive quantities of unrecyclable waste that are being sent to landfill and incineration each year. Now with this Recycling Program, there is a significant opportunity for collectors to put oral care waste to productive use and have a positive impact on our environment." 

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